IEP Binder Materials

Keeping track of all of the paperwork can be overwhelming.  There many great resources available to help you organize your child’s information.  We are working to compile helpful information to get you started in creating your own IEP binder.

How to Organize your Child’s IEP Binder by

Suggested Binder Checklist (created by Charles County SECAC)

Tip: Organize your binder into 8 sections with the information below

  1. Communication

2.  IEP

3.  Evaluations


  • Report Cards
  • Progress Reports

5. Sample Work

6. Behavior

  • School Handbook/ Code of Conduct
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (if applicable)
  • Disciplinary Notices

7. Medical Records

  • Contact Information
  • Medications and Allergy List
  • Medical History
  • Immunizations

8. Resources


Other items to consider:

Emergency Preparedness Plan for Students with Disabilities

Emergency Evacuation Plans 

Charles County Public School Links and Contacts: